Volunteering in the community is a great way to learn about hunger in your community and help out local nonprofits. Please see below for some opportunities in your area:

Local Stories

Meals on Wheels North Central Texas

Meals on Wheels North Central Texas

Volunteers are the “eyes and ears” of Meals on Wheels, and we rely on our army of volunteers to make sure each and every client is safe and well. The success and reputation of Meals on Wheels is dependent upon the reliability, promptness and efficiency of our wonderful volunteers. Meal delivery routes are delivered Monday through Friday and take about one hour to deliver. Most volunteers are one day a week, every other week, or on an ‘as needed’ basis. Volunteers are also needed to help in our offices. Please complete our online volunteer application at www.mownct.org/volunteer. You must submit an application before volunteering.

Hunger Free America

Hunger Free America

Virtual Opportunity: COVID-19 Food Assistance Project – Volunteers are needed to verify emergency food site information across the nation. Many sites have changed operations and hours due to COVID-19, volunteers are ascertaining these changes and updating our database via a survey form. Volunteers should be moderately comfortable using web technology and speaking over the phone. The results are freely available to the public by request, via an electronic mapping tool, and the USDA Hunger Hotline. Having accurate data means a hungry family can find an open pantry near them at any time.
More details and sign up via: www.hungervolunteer.volunteerhub.com

Contact:  swinter@hungerfreeamerica.org

Where We Give

Is Where We Live and You Can Participate Too!

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